and Meow!
Howdy there, my name is Davie and I'm a 20 year old that's still trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.
I like to think I'm a pretty funny person.
I'm simple, easy to get along with and always looking forward to helping anyone out.
I can be weird.
Oh well.
Good movies make everything better.
I like art. I like music.
TV shows are a must.
I just wish I had more time to watch every season.
Does that make me crazy?

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Anytime is playtime in his world. #caturday #cats #catsofinstagram

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Missed my little boy when I was gone this weekend and he missed me, too! #catsofinstagram #cats

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"im gonna start working on this in 10 minutes no exceptions"

me fucking lying to myself (via youtubeofficial)

(via chubbinafatzarelli)

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Aw, shucks. You certainly know how to make a girl blush. Haha, thank you for the compliment.

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Anonymous Asked:
wow you're a really amazing artist!

Wow, thank you. That means a lot. It’s so wonderful and reasuring to hear that. Definitely makes me happy. Agsin, thank you. (sorry it took so long for me to reply, Ive been busy and havent had as much time to be on tumblr)

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Working on a piece for Michael’s grandma, just in time for Passover. #art #doodles

#doodles #art 
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Another new dress. (: #selfie

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Just giving me some well deserved kitty kisses. Oh boy, do I love him. #cats #catsofinstagram

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I’m just on a roll, another piece completed. #art #doodles #zentangle

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Because there’s always a reason to wear a new dress, right? #selfie